Why Mixology Courses?
Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Intelect School over the rest…

The Highest Standards
As seasoned veterans of training for real-life situations, our instructors are committed to providing the best real-world training that is applicable in a practical environment. We will stop at nothing to ensure that our graduates are the best they can be, and importantly are just what employers are looking for.

The Best Experience
Our School offers a whole host of benefits to your experience, introducing you to the world of bartending with practical placements attached to our Global Bartenders Certificate and providing you with references along with your certificate. We’ll even help you to find a job when you graduate.

Happy Graduates
Join an ever-growing number of bartenders who have experienced the Intellect School method and graduated from our courses. They are working in great bars & restaurants and on cruise ships all over the world – following their personal dreams with a useful trade.

A Stunning Location
We offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the most out of your time studying. With a great nightlife and the beach on your doorstep. There’s an exciting mixture of people from all over the world here and a whole host of cultural attractions too.

Friends For Life
Never forget that bartending is a very social activity and you will constantly meet new people and make great friends, including those you study with!


4 weeks
Appropriate for all
Skill Level
Ch, En, Sp